Pilates Studio Zoetermeer is an exclusive specialized boutique pilates and yoga studio located in Noordhove, Dijkmanschans 202, Zoetermeer.

Whether you are looking for a stronger and slimmer body, more flexibility, or recovering from an injury or surgery, pregnant, a new mother, a senior, teenager, an athlete or a fellow pilates teacher? Pilates Studio Zoetermeer is the place to be!

For over a decade we offer customized pilates training programs that challenge your body and focus your mind. Our team of dedicated pilates and yoga professionals offer approximately 20 group classes per week plus privates and semi-private sessions.

The beauty of working with a team of experienced pilates and yoga professionals is that we can provide various customized, challenging and fun work outs. Most of our trainers have been studying and practicing pilates or yoga for more than 12 years.

Our studio is equipped with specialized intelligent pilates apparatus such as several high quality state of the art wooden reformers, a wundachair, high ladder barrel, caddilac, various total work out systems. Furthermore we use all kinds of pilates props to improve your personalized work out.

A customized pilates work out may also include a small barrel, foam roller, jump board, BOSU®, pilates circle, mini ball, big ball, dumbells, toning balls™, sand bag or a flex-band ™.

Our pilates trainers have studied and still do study various pilates methods. STOTT pilates® is one of the methods we teach in our studio. STOTT pilates® is a contemporary approach to the original method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. STOTT pilates was founded by Moira and Lindsay G. Merrithew along with a team of sports medicin and fitness professionals and physical therapists.

This exercise method provides work outs that focus on strong and flexible muscles and efficient movement patterns with a dynamic approach, combined with a relaxed state of mind. Additional exercise modifications and various preparation excercises allow adaption to every fitness level or type of client, making this exercise method ideal for everyone. STOTT pilates® is one of the safest most effective pilates methods available.


Pilates Studio Zoetermeer stems from our passion to assist people to improve the quality of their lives. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, whether this is to get into better shape, recover from an injury or for instance achieve a better work/life balance. Move efficiently and pain free, reconnect body and mind, enjoy a massage in our studio to relax and train frequently on pilates state of the art equipment to improve your health. Since 2005 our Pilates studio at the Dijkmanschans offers a variety of classes and facilities: we provide the excellent opportunity for you to move towards your goals.

Our classes and facilities offer the perfect solution for you! Are you interested in our classes?

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